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FOis the global best one-stop crowdfinancing service platform in digital currency and block chain fields. Based on the top level AI technology in the world, FO explore projects in overall, cubic and deep way, and score all data of project with scientific and professional methods, to help digital currency investors from all over the world seek for and sort out optimal block chain projects.

  • Comprehensive information about ICO
    Team members never stop collecting all kinds of ICO project information of the whole world. And, they have always paid much more attention to the development of block chain industry to help investors make reasonable investment plans.
  • Professional ICO service
    The professional personnel of team analyse the project from the perspective of investors, comprehensively inspect the background, technical advantages of the project team members, and possible application scenarios, etc., in order to provide objective and authentic assessment report for investors and project managers.
  • Excellent cooperative partners
    Reached a strategic cooperation with many start-ups of block chain industry at home and abroad to help ICO project managers understand the market at home and abroad to the greatest extent, make a reasonable ICO scheme, collect feedback from investors, promote the ICO project to get success.




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